Keamarola Hes Here To stay Sh CM



18th March 2012Otley ShowDanny Cullen
AVNSC: P 1 Inman & Lacey’s He’s Here to Stay 8 month old male Afghan Hound. Head long with slight stop and strong jaw. Good shaped dark eyes and nose. Well placed ears, long neck into sloping shoulders. Straight front with plenty of bone. Good length of back deep chest. Tail good with correct ring at the end. RBOB BP PG 1.
15th April 2012Colne & Nelson ShowTrevor Jepson
Inmsn & Lacey’s He’s Here to Stay. 9 months old brindle boy. Pleasing head, dark well shaped eye. Good length of neck set into well placed shoulders. Good depth of chest. Nice short loin. Good fallaway. In lovely condition. Moved very well . BP and PGI
3rd June 2012WestmorlandMr. Collin Wells
Hound Group 3 Inman & Lacey’s Keamarola He’s Here To Stay – Afghan Now this is one to watch. At ten months still very immature but perfect in construction, movement was as expected in this breed in a style of high order, very true with super drive.
20th June 2012Cheshire showMiss Masha Shaverneva
P (3) Inman’s Keamarola He’s Here To Stay, 11 month blue brindle boy with an arrogant air about him, masculine head with beautiful eye and expression, balanced angulations front and back, good dept of chest and spring of rib, level topline, good tail set, stylish springy movement, will watch him with interest BP
Good breed type, Pleasing head with great eyes, Very good moving pup.
Goosnargh ShowRachel Wray
Afghan junior Inman & Lacey’s Keamarola He’s Here to Stay. 11 months Oyster/Brindle, elegant boy with lovely dark triangular eye, good length of shoulder and return of upper arm, plenty of ribbing and depth of chest, correct loin and well angulated rear quarter, moved out well with lovely springy stride.
Puppy Hound Group 1Goosnargh ShowMrs Marston Pollock
Well grown, upstanding, good type head with good length of foreface,good reach of neck, well shaped body and typical top line, moved with good spring
Claire Kirk
13 month old brindle boy, for a young dog he is very self assured, has presences when entering the ring, very nice balanced head, with low set ears, excellent chiseling, classic eye shape given eastern expression, into a long neck to well laided back shoulders. Level topline with saddle in to a strong loin, nice fallaway to low set ringed tail. balanced front and rear inoculation. Moved very steadily for one so young showing reach and drive. best of breed. He went on to take best in show.
22nd September 20121st in Junior DogDriffield Champ showClive Winters
Inman&Lacey's Keamarola he's here to stay gr/br, good head & eye shape, well balanced & in good muscletone, good coat. Though still at the bottom end of Junior moved with a relaxed style & confidence
24th September 2012Nidderdale best in showDr. Marleen Collins(Ireland)
I was delighted with my BIS Winner. Inman&Lacey's Keamarola he's here to stay. He had a pleasing head with good Body proportions,held his topline on the move, and dispite the damp mooved exuberantly.
30th September 2012Lancaster and District Mr John Catlow
Inman & Lacey. Keamarola He's Here to Stay. What an impressive Dog. Has all the Wow factors and much much more built in. Really stands up to you with expression and adores eye contact. When going over, no flinching what so ever, can handle and touch anywhere you want, flows like an absolute dream, covers the ground seemingly without touching it, with tail and set in unison with the whole of picture when moving. Comes to a perfect stop with everything coming too and piecing together. Very hard to look away once seen.
4th November 2012RBISWiganMr. Gadd
Keamarola he's here to stay Afghan, this young fellow stood proud, his appearance was one of superiority with his dignified attitude, powerful head, strong but not overdone long punishing jaw, the darkest of eyes completing his expression, great dentition, beautifully arched neck, well placed shoulders, tremendous front elevation & profile, still has a lot more to give as a youngster, moving like someone who believes his is the best. Clean and flowing
10th November 2012J1st and BOBHyde and District showBill Evans
A very mature performance for this young dog. A very masculine dog. Lovely Head and Eye shape. Sound Body, well muscled, presented in first class coat. Shows good profile at all times. Strong well balanced on the move. One for the future I am sure.
17th November 2012Burnley and DistrictJohn Purnell
J (7) 1st Inman & Lacey's Keamarola He's Here to Stay, Afghan Oyster Brindle Dog. In good overall condition, carrying the correct ring Tail. Correct prominent hip bones in full coat, well balanced head. Nice to see a well pronounced saddle,very rarely seen today. This Dog apart from the colour reminds me of Chris Amoo's Viscount Grant Crufts winner. This dog knows the Standard & he is sticking to it. Moved like a dream. BNSC, BIS under very hard competition.
24th February 2013Barrow and District showRachel Wray
1st BOB HG4 ,Inman & Lacey, Keamarola He’s Here to Stay 17mnths Oyster Brindle. Masculine head without coarseness, punishing jaw , slight stop ,lovely dark eye with typical eastern expression. Strong neck into well laid shoulder and good return of upper arm, well-made body with good depth and spring of rib short loin. Good fall away and well set on tail. Moved with style, reach and drive.
3rd March 2013Crufts
Yearling Dog (8) Another somewhat disappointing Class, except for the winner. The future prospects for the breed should generally be seen in this class because this is where we view youngsters maturing towards future winning prospects! 1st Inman & Lacey's Keamarola He's Here to Stay, beautiful gr/br of quality with all the breed characteristics, balanced picture standing with no exaggerations, well laid shoulders & nicely angled front, level topline, good croup angle & ringed tail carried well. On the move was sound coming & going, driving at the rear with well bent stifles. Lovely presentation & handling. I expect he will be winning well in the future. The stand out Dog in this Class & I note he is sired by the Mid Limit winner.
BOBLunesdaleNick Gourly
Inman And Lacey's he's here to stay Sh Cm. Liked his make and shape. Presented well. Well assembled forequarters. moved with drive and very free flwing in profile.