Worker After Shot Ava For Keamarola (IMP DEU)


Born 1st March 2015

Hipscore: 0-0


Flatgolds A Little Keanu Hawksthorn Caliph Greatwood Moonraker of Riversflight Claverdon Raffles of Collyers
Waddicombe Holly of Greatwood
Hawksthorn Damselfly Warresmere Teal
Wheatmill Gay
Warpersmoss Fusilier Camp Night Sky of Twill Greatwood Moonraker of Riversflight
Casuarina Mata Hari of Troaks
Gaewill Cascade of Warpersmoss Heatherbank Chief of Warpersmoss
Gaewill Sunshine
Black Magic Of Hells Cayuga Cookain Feltis von Rethwischhoh Staverton Adam Jet of Staverton
Shopniller Sarah of Staverton
Espe von Rethwischhoh Varingo Stormbrook
Clara von Rethwischhon
Black Magic of Hells Abajoma Wyndhams Duckdog Lignight Lunar
Rockyhill Trace of Wyndham
Attakui Born to be a Hunter Quanhaboy
Wagging Tails Caddie