My name is Karola. I was born in Germany and moved to England in 1987. We are lucky enough to live on a 200 acre farm in the Lake District nestled near to Lake Windermere with lots of space for my dogs to run free.

I have loved Afghans since first seeing one at the age of 12, when I made it an ambition of mine to be owned by one of these beautiful animals. That ambition was realised in 1989 when I took an Affie dog from a rescue. He was 2 years old and was a black/masked gold. I was lucky enough to share his life for 5 years when, due to an inoperable tumour, our life together was cut short and he was put to sleep in my arms.

Afterwards I had two Golden Retrievers and in 1997 my best friend Jean Hargreaves and I decided to start our kennel together. Jean had always wanted Flatcoats and of course I wanted another Afghan. We made an anagram from our names and came up with Keamarola. Along came GRACE who was then followed 2 years later by ZETA. Then came KABOOSH (See Kaboosh`s special page), and then a little girl I could not resist KEA. ALI was soon to follow who is a "New Beginning for Keamarola" and our latest edition is RIO. Since Jean died I have had a long spell working alone. It is time to move forward. That means my children, Catherine, Patricia and Toby will be doing most of the handling.

So roll on 2015 for a new beginning and a fantastic future for Keamarola

Maik Sieler has now joined us with his Gundog Training. He will be visiting every month. Please email to book a session.

The future is looking bright!

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