This is a list of our flatcoats. Please click on the dogs name to view their page.

NamePedigree NameBirthdayHipscoreEyescoreElbowscoreComments
UnaUna Keamarola Black Magic2019-05-15
Ara Sia

Jarvo Karola’s Sia with Keamarola2018-03-162-2PLA Grade 1
Ara Ara Whole Lotta Love for Keamarola Optimus Canis 2017-04-184-3Affected0-0
Noa Noa
Wang Dang Doodle For Keamarola Optimus Canis2017-04-183-3Affected – PLA Grade 30-0
Zac Zac Torwood so Proud2016-09-022-6
Ola Ola Torwood so Precious2016-09-020-5Unaffected0-0
Ava Ava

Worker After Shot Ava For Keamarola (IMP DEU)2015-03-010-0Unaffected
Ila Ila

Keamarola Ila Back in Black2015-02-133-3Unaffected
Fyn Fyn Keamarola Ball of Fire2013-12-302-3Unaffected
Jay Jay Domino Blaze2013-03-060-0Unaffected